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DJ Model Tree-High Quality Model Tree
DJ Model Tree manufacture high quality model tree for Architectural model, Railroad model, Hobby model, Scenery products manufacturer, Dioramas model.
DJ Model Tree is China's finest model tree.
DJ Model Tree have many series products, It includes Model Tree, Crystal Architectural Model, Car Model, Lamp Model, Grass Powder, Foliage Sponge, Grass Mat, Human Figure, Furnishings, ABS Pipe, ABS Stick, Wall Brick, Floor Brick, Glazed Tiles…… over 1000 products, It is suitable for Architectural Model, Railroad Model, Hobby Model, Scenery products manufacturer, Diorama model.
We have the best making Crystal Architectural Model factory in Mainland China, We had made Crystal Architectural model for many famous buildings, With abundant experience in making Crystal Architectural model, We can manufacture high quality Crystal Architectural model at the best possible price, And cater towards specific designs.
DJ Model Tree factory based in Mainland China, We can provide high quality model products at extremely competitive price.

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